WHOA: Post-Election Survey Results Released…Trump’s Approval Numbers Take A SHOCKING TURN!

On election night, mainstream pundits all predicted a Clinton tsunami would wash president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign out to sea.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

As for the rest of their predictions, those seemed pretty off base, too. Remember their call that the stock market would crash? Yea, a skyrocketing DOW has them tripped up on that.

Now, the reeling and protesting against the democratic process seems fairly unpopular, too, since public opinion about a Trump administration is growing favorably.

As the Washington Examiner reported:

Two new surveys out Monday morning point to growing support for President-elect Trump as he settles into building his administration and memories of the combative presidential election begin to fade.

A new Pew Research Center survey shows that of Trump supporters, 96 percent feel “hopeful,” and 74 percent “proud” of their presidential pick.

And even 58 percent of Clinton voters said they are “willing to give Trump a chance and see how he governs as president.”

 Trump’s approval numbers have also seen a 24-point swing since the election, and for the first time since announcing his presidential bid his approval and disapproval numbers are the same.

In a Morning Consult-Politico survey, his favorable-unfavorable numbers are 46 percent to 46 percent.

Before the election, his favorable rating was 37 percent and unfavorable 61 percent.

“Trump’s favorability among voters has reached new highs since he became president-elect,” said Morning Consult Co-founder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp. “This honeymoon phase is common for new presidents. For example, Obama saw about a 20-point swing in his favor following the 2008 election.”

As far as we are concerned, we don’t need any polls to tell us how popular Trump is becoming, we knew it before the election and we’re just waiting for the rest of the country to catch up!

Source: Allen B. West


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