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WHOA: School Board Asks Muslims ONE Question…Shocking Response Proves Her RIGHT!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 21, 2016

File this under “What Not to Share On Social Media.”

At least, that’s the message one school board member from Chesapeake, Virginia, can take away from passing along a simple cartoon on Facebook – a simple cartoon that contained a question that offended some in the Muslim community.

The cartoon, from Christie New Crain, chair of the local school board: “Muslims hate pork, beer, dogs, bikinis, Jesus and freedom of speech. My question is, what the hell do they come to America for?”

Craig told the Virginia-Pilot she didn’t share the cartoon “maliciously,” and had no intent to cause offense.

“I merely shared it,” she said to local WAVY-TV. “I did not make a comment and I’m just shocked with everything going on in our country – police officers are losing their lives, people are homeless and people don’t have jobs – that a political cartoon would cause this much stir.”

But the Council on American-Islamic Relations caught wind of the cartoon and weighed in, accusing Craig of “anti-Muslim bigotry” and calling on her fellow school board members to investigate.

Craig was ultimately pressured to apologize. And as Conservative Tribune opined, the fact the Muslim community roared so loudly against her social media share actually shows its content to be correct, at least in one regard.

“Judging by the way local Muslims responded to her innocuous post, however, it is clear that the cartoon was 100 percent right about one thing: Muslims really do hate freedom of speech,” the Conservative Tribune wrote.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Cheryl Chumley
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