WHOA: Secret Bill Clinton Speech EXPOSED…He KNEW Why Trump Was Going To Win!

Regardless of what the left might say, the last eight years have been terrible for many Americans. Obama’s promise of hope and change have not rejuvenated America’s industry, stemmed the tide of terrorism, or prevented new rifts among races.

The Democrats, however, ignore the facts to prop up their failed policies to bamboozle voters. They try to convince minorities and working class Americans that their expansive government programs, massive taxing, and federal overreach is better for them, despite evidence to the contrary.

Behind closed doors, when they are being honest, democrats admit they’re plans don’t work. Even former president, Bill Clinton, had to acknowledge the failure of Obama’s presidency, his failed policies, and ultimately why Americans rose up and threw Deomcrats—including his wife—out of power.

From Daily Caller:

The economic stagnancy of the Obama years is to blame for plummeting life expectancy rates among white, working-class Americans, according to former president Bill Clinton, who privately told Democratic donors that lower-income whites “don’t have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning.”

Clinton made the remarks while speaking to at a November 2015 closed-door fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Canton, Ohio.

Echoing a theme of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign, the former president expressed his concern that white, working-class Americans have been left behind over the last eight years.


Ultimately the Silent Majority of working class voters rose up to give Donald Trump the victory.  The media disaparagely referred to them as the non-college educated whites.  They’re just average Americans, the backbone of the American economy and morality.  And Bill Clinton should have known this was going south because he knew this was the deciding issue.

Source: Daily Caller

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