WHOA – Ted Cruz STEPS UP…DESTROYS Dem Senator Over Trump Pick Smear! [Watch]

Remember Al Franken? For some reason, the one-time (unfunny) Saturday Night Live cast member still keeps getting reelected to the U.S. Senate.

Franken clearly thinks of himself as some kind of intellectual giant (a delusion that afflicts lots of “progressives.”) Unfortunately for him, he just endured a smackdown from one of his genuinely smart fellow senators.

Whatever his faults, Senator Ted Cruz has a sharp mind — and tongue. Conservative Tribune reports what happened when the two clashed during Senator Jeff Session’s confirmation hearing for attorney general:

[F]ellow Sen. Al Franken pummelled [Sessions] with a litany of accusations, essentially accusing him of having never actually prosecuted dozens of desegregation cases. (…)

This line of questioning was not appreciated by Sen. Ted Cruz, who later slammed Franken for having even insinuated that Sessions had lied.

“It is unfortunate to see members of this body impugn the integrity of a fellow senator with whom we have served for years,” he said. “It is particularly unfortunate when that attempt is not backed up by fact.”

He went on to attack the veracity of Franken’s claim, noting that the aforementioned column had been penned by an attorney who later admitted to misstatements of fact during a testimony before a Senate committee.

Clearly Al Franken is embittered over Trump’s win and the American people’s clear rejection of the “progressive” agenda.

He no longer has a comedy career, and all he can do now is desperately try to hog the spotlight by snapping at Jeff Session’s heels.

As Donald Trump might say: Sad.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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