WHOA: Trump Unleashes DEVASTATING New Attack On Hillary! “She’s A…

Donald Trump is one of the most unique candidates ever to run for president. You make a note of that. The media has tried to delude many Americans into making him appear like a bad person.

It is the ongoing fight by the left to cast rich, successful white men as the world’s great villains. All of our biggest Hollywood movies (including every Marvel superhero movie) cast the villains as rich, white, male Americans.

They want us to believe those kinds of people are the enemy, hoping we’ll ignore the common sense that anyone can do evil, not just rich white men. And that there can be very good, very effective, rich white men, who want to do good for our country.

By trying to push this false narrative, the media ignore the real villains. People of all ages, stripes, social status, race, and gender have committed atrocities. Just because the media gives someone a pass because they’re black or a woman, doesn’t erase what they’ve done–or plan to do.

This is especially true of Hillary Clinton. For decades she’s broken the law, putting her own nefarious agenda ahead of law, order, and decency. She corrupted the office of secretary of state, using it to make her and her husband rich.

The mainstream media might conveniently ignore this, but guess who refuses to? Donald Trump.

From Daily Mail:

Donald Trump took full advantage Tuesday night of the day’s document cascade released by Wikileaks, telling a Florida crowd that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is full of ‘so much corruption’ that his administration would be obligated to launch a new criminal probe of her actions during and after her tenure at the State Department.

‘We have to investigate Hillary Clinton, and we have to investigate the investigation!’ he said in the seaside town of Panama City Beach.

‘She was a disaster,’ Trump claimed, recalling her time as a carpetbagging U.S. senator from New York.

‘And she’s a bad person. Remember that. She’s a bad, bad person.’

It doesn’t take the Republican candidate for president and one of the most visible people in the world to tell us Hillary is a villain. But it needs to be said by someone with authority. The current government and media will try to deny it, but Donald Trump has been setting the pace of this election and carries with him far more authority now than even Obama.

His promise to prosecute Hillary and the ones who gave her a pass is not empty rhetoric. You can guarantee, should he take office, the first thing he’ll do is appoint Rudy Giuliani to a special task force for taking Clinton down.

Not only will that bring her and her cronies to justice for their serious crimes, it will set a tone for the future of American government. It will send a message to our people and the world that the age of corrupt, insider politics is over.

If you break the law, you’re going to pay for it.

Don’t ever forget what Trump said. Hillary is a bad, bad person. The damage she caused to America and other nations is undeniable.

But only if Trump wins, will this woman be brought to justice.

Source: Daily Mail

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