Wikileaks Drops EXPLOSIVE Email! Proves Hillary VIOLATED The Law By Meeting With…

The FBI has indeed reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton, but what about the Justice Department? A new WikiLeaks document dump includes evidence to suggest that she violated campaign finance laws, and such investigations fall under their prevue.

The world of American political donations and fundraising is complex, but in brief: SuperPACS are forbidden from dealing directly with campaign staffers or candidates themselves. Did the Democrats violate this rule?

Nancy Hayes reports:

Priorities USA is the largest Democrat SuperPac in existence. (…)

A key player is a person named Avie Glazer. Glazer is one of the top donors to a fund called the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.) Donors can contribute mountains of cash to HVF. Some have called it a slush fund, as large sums of cash are often distributed to the Democrat National Committee and various campaigns. (…)

The following “reminder” email reveals that the writer, named Latham, advised the Campaign Chairman that Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) was to meet with Priorities USA SuperPAC (Priorities) along with Avi Glazer, also known as Avram Glazer and the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.)

With the election only days away, will the Department of Justice at least announce an investigation into this accusation? Regardless, it is hard to know whether or not this revelation will gain any traction with the general public, who are surely experiencing scandal overload at this point.

Perhaps an investigation will have to wait until after the election, presuming Donald Trump is elected.

Source: Joe For America

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