Want To Know Why Britain Voted To Leave? Check THIS Out! – EXPOSED

Americans have to put up with far too much bureaucracy in their daily lives. Some critics have noted that the average person probably violates at least one law or regulation every day without even realizing it.

However, most U.S. citizens are just learning now about the insane rules British people had to deal with when they were part of the European Union.

If you wondered why millions of them shocked the establishment and voted “Leave” last week, the UK’s Daily Mail can help explain:

A 1994 [EU] regulation specified that bananas must be “free from abnormal curvature.”

Rules also governed the shape of many other fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, for example, needed to be almost perfectly straight. (…)

Companies were prohibited in 2014 from manufacturing or importing vacuum cleaners above a 1,600-watt limit as part of a drive to reduce domestic electricity use. (…)

In 2011, EU authorities passed a law which claimed that scientists had found no evidence to suggest that drinking water stops dehydration.

Manufacturers of bottled water were prohibited from labeling water bottles with the claim. (…)

According to the guidelines, all horses, ponies, donkeys and related animals (including zebras) must have a horse passport.

Over the years, many insane rules were scrapped after enough people protested. Supporters of the EU warned them that if they tried to pass too many bizarre regulations, eventually the British would rebel and demand to leave.

Of course, the big shots in Brussels didn’t listen. Now they’re wondering how it all went wrong.

Source: Independent Journal

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