Hillary Above The Law? Yep, And HERE’S The PROOF!

“Lock her up!”

Trump rallies. T-shirts. Internet memes. You’ve heard/seen this on loop everywhere.

However, if it weren’t for the glaring double standards of the American justice system, we’d have never heard this chant, but instead something like, “She’s in jail!”

At a campaign stop in North Carolina, GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence compared Clinton’s wrongdoing with that of other people. As  Yes I’m Right reports:

“You have a four-star general that might get five years in prison before the end of this year for mishandling classified information,” [Pence says] of retired Gen. James Cartwright, who was charged with lying to the FBI about discussing classified information with reporters about Iran’s nuclear program during a probe. (…)

“Ladies and gentlemen, mishandling classified information is a crime,” Pence said. He reminded the audience that Hillary Clinton said there’s nothing marked classified on her emails, sent or received, and the FBI director told Congress that’s not true.

Pence also pointed out that Clinton said she did not email classified information to anyone. “And the head of the FBI told to Congress there was classified information that was emailed.”

Electing Donald Trump, so says Pence, will ensure that Hillary Clinton and her enablers and co-conspirators will finally face justice.

Credit: Yes I’m Right

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