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Why Is This Man Smiling? Trump Gets YUGE NEWS…Ted Cruz Hardest Hit
By PJ Editor|April 6, 2016

Donald Trump may have had a rough day, but new polls indicate that there is smoother sailing ahead for the New York billionaire.

Less than 24 hours after his humiliating thumping at the hands of Ted Cruz, two new polls show that Trump has leads in two key northeast states that are essential for his presidential ambitions.

Political Insider reports on Monmouth University’s New York results…

Currently, 52% of likely Republican primary voters in New York support Trump compared to 25% who support John Kasich and 17% who will vote for Ted Cruz. Trump has more than half the vote in New York City and Long Island (58%) and Upstate New York (52%), and nearly half in Western New York (47%). Kasich does slightly better upstate (28%) and west (26%) than he does in NYC/LI (22%). Cruz does slightly better in the west (21%) than he does upstate (15%) and in NYC/LI (14%).

They also report on new numbers out of Pennsylvania…

Trump leads among likely Republican primary voters with 39 percent, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas with 30 percent and Kasich with 24 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds.

Somewhere amongst Gotham’s skyscrapers, The Donald is smiling.

Source: Political Insider

PJ Editor
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