Hillary Running On Pay Equity…But Latest Wikileaks Revelation Just HUMILIATED Her!

The more we learn about the behavior of the left, the more we realize how hypocritical they are.

For years they’ve championed the rights of women, black Americans, and minorities, but have done little to help them. Though there are “affirmative action” laws on the books meant to help these groups, there is still tension and conflict among them that suggests the laws have done nothing.

Despite eight years of a black President, black lives don’t seem an iota better. Racial tensions are at an all time high. Clearly the left’s claims to help minorities only last as long as the election.

But now we’re learning that their promises are more than just empty rhetoric. It seems that democrats might actual work against those whom they claim to help.

It’s shocking, but I’d expect nothing less from liberals.

From Lifezette:

The Clinton Foundation in 2011 employed more women than men but paid them less, on average, according to a salary schedule included in an email released Friday by WikiLeaks…

The average salary for women and men was close. But men out-earned women, $68,164 to $64,118, on average. The median salary also was higher for men, $55,200 compared with $50,000…

The top-paid employee on the list was senior adviser Justin Cooper, who was pulling in $127,000. The lowest-paid employee was a female assistant making $18,000.

Now, there could be a variety of reasons for why the male staff were paid higher than the female staff. Different positions demand different compensation. Someone with more experience and skill can earn a higher salary, by virtue that they offer more to the organization. Also, seniority is a factor, as raises apply to people who’ve worked there the longest.

But those factors tend to be ignored by the left when they spout their dubious statistics about the wage gap. They want us to believe men are paid more than women out of some kind of patriarchal conspiracy.  That companies are full of evil men who want to suppress women in the workplace, taking advantage of their “weakness” in order to pay them less.

So which is it? Is the Clinton Foundation a den of sexist hypocrites, trying to oppression working women? Or is an organization, like every other, that compensates their employees based on experience, performance, and seniority?

Can’t have it both ways, folks. Either you give up this stupid notion of a wage gap, or admit you’re guilty of it.

Either way, the Clinton Foundation has a lot to answer for.

Source: Lifezette

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