BREAKING: Latest Wikileaks DEVASTATES Hillary! Used Non-Profit $$$ To Pay For…

That the Clintons are tacky and trashy isn’t news to Americans of a certain age, who remember stories of them stealing the silverware when they left the White House.

After they left the comfort of the White House and hob-knobbing with millionaires and billionaires, they clearly wanted much more.  So they built a pay-for-play operation with the “non-profit” Clinton Foundation smack dab in the center of it.

They made their millions on speeches and other investments and could have at least kept their finances clean.  But it turns out the Clintons were far too sloppy—or arrogant.  Maybe they knew that no matter how bad the charge, the Justice Department would never lay a finger on them.

A new accusation would seem to confirm this assessment: With all their millions, the Clinton’s still found a way to get a charity—that is, the Clinton Foundation—to pay for their daughter’s lush wedding.

That’s what lawyer and Clinton insider Doug Band told people, according to emails revealed by WikiLeaks. (Interestingly, Band’s email address is [email protected])

Zero Hedge picks up the story:

A couple of days ago we shared a Podesta email from Doug Band about Chelsea talking openly in public about her “internal investigation” into the Clinton Foundation.

As with many of the Doug Band email chains, the rabbit hole just got a little deeper today with Band accusing of Chelsea of “using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade” among other accusations. He also concludes with another veiled threat on the consequences “once we go down this road….”

The implications are troubling: as our friends from the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation point out, “*If true* people (then) worth well into 8 figures used 501c3 $ to pay for a wedding.”

Of course, Band probably isn’t that close to the Clintons now that this has gotten out.

One satisfying thing about WikiLeaks is the damage it must be doing to long standing friendships and alliances in the Democratic Party.

Is it too much to hope that the Internal Revenue Service will at least go through the motions of investigating the possible breach of regulations regarding charitable donations?

That depends on who gets elected president on Tuesday.

Source: Zero Hedge

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