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GAME OVER! Wikileaks Drops Bomb On Hillary…Her Campaign Will Be DONE Within A Week!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton is in for one heck of a ride, if WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be believed.

Assange took to Fox News to tell host Sean Hannity that he has quite a surprise prepared for the Clinton camp – and it’s not going to bode well for the former secretary of State’s White House aspirations.

Forget “October Surprise.” Assange suggested a significant document dump with damning Clinton evidence could come even sooner, maybe in a matter of days.

“The first batch is reasonably soon,” he said, the Conservative Tribune reported. “We are quite confident about it now. We might put out some teasers as early as the next week or the week after.”

Just last month, the Hill reported how Assange said his WikiLeaks organization was in possession of “thousands” of Clinton-related documents that could have “significant” repercussions for her campaign – even to the point of tipping the voter scales to Republican contender Donald Trump in November.

He’s not brought the documents forward yet in part because of the existing anti-First Amendment atmosphere emanating from the Barack Obama administration. Obama has used his White House platform to cite the Espionage Act as cause to prosecute journalists and sources – more so, Assange said, than all of the other presidents combined.

“We specialize in bringing the First Amendment to the world,” he said, Conservative Tribune reported. “We are surprised that one of our biggest battles was trying to bring it to the United States under an Obama administration.”

Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, unable to emerge else face arrest and prosecution for rape charges that he contests. He said Clinton has also sought charges against him for releasing information that was stolen from the government by former Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, who was prosecuted and jailed for the theft, and has since undergone hormone replacement therapy to become a woman.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Cheryl Chumley
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