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Wikileaks Election Eve BOMBSHELL…CNN’s 2 Most Respected Journalists BOUGHT & PAID For!
By PJ Editor|November 7, 2016

We all know that the mainstream media is a fraud.

CNN has been slanting its coverage to Hillary Clinton for months, nah, years. None the less there are always those that you assume are above the politics and are actually there to report the news with integrity.

For a long time, I felt a sense of relief when leftists hacks like Soledad O’Brien handed the mic over to one of the two honest journalist at CNN because I knew that for at least that hour, I could trust the integrity of what I was being presented.

Not so much…

The latest Wikileaks release just put the nail in the coffin of two of the most respected reporters in the country. Sad.

The Democratic National Committee helped CNN anchors Wolf Blizter and Jake Tapper prepare for interviews with Donald Trump, the latest WikiLeaks email dump has revealed.  

Among the batch of 8,263 emails released on Sunday night, one shows that staff working for the network hosts asked DNC staffers what questions they should put to the Republican candidate.

They also asked for advice when it came to an appearance from former candidate, Ted Cruz.  

An email dated April 28 entitled ‘Cruz on CNN’ reads ‘CNN is looking for questions. Please send some topical/interesting ones.’ 


Days before that, on April 25 she asked for questions from officials and staffers for an interview that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer would be conducting with Trump.   

I never doubted that the fix was in at CNN, what with having eyes, ears and a brain, but I expected better of Wolf and Jake. Now we know the truth, they are just DNC hacks like the rest of the frauds at the Clinton News Network!

Source: The Daily Mail

PJ Editor
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