REVEALED: Wikileaks EXPOSES The SHOCKING Gift That 1 Sharia Country Gave Bill Clinton!

Once upon a time, Bill Clinton was seen as Hillary Clinton’s ace in the hole – her saving grace on the campaign trail, her knight in shining armor, the one who could gallop in with a mighty flash of personality and save her stodgy self and cold fish persona from doing public relations damage with voters.

But now – Bill is proving a bit of a liability.

Take this, from the Political Insider: “The latest bombshell from WikiLeaks shows that Qatar, a government that funds the Islamic State (ISIS), sent Bill the largest birthday check you’ve ever seen.”

How much, you might ask? Good question.

Bill was given a cool million. A $1 million birthday check from his pals in Qatar.

What’s worse is this isn’t the first questionable receipt of funds by a Clinton family member.

“Bill and Hillary Clinton have collected many millions of dollars from horrible countries while making themselves rich,” the Political Insider
reported. “This is a country that is directly supporting terror, but the Clintons had no problem cashing the check.”

It seems like Hillary ought to field some questions, or open the table to discussions, about this matter during her campaign stops. But does she?


“Not only is this criminal,” the Political Insider wrote. “But it’s bribery. If Hillary became president, how could she not be influenced by such a massive ‘birthday gift?'”

Source: Political Insider

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