WikiLeaks EXPOSES Who Hillary FEARS Most…And It Isn’t Donald Trump!

At the second debate, Donald Trump insisted that Hillary would be in jail if he is elected.

While that may be true, he isn’t the guy that she fears most…because there is someone else better positioned to put her away.

And now Wikileaks has exposed him as her greatest fear!

Conservatives over the years have watched with both interest and cheers as he stormed the Capitol Hill scene, demanding accountability from Hillary Clinton and her Democratic cronies, telling them in no uncertain terms that their repeated attempts to dodge questions about Benghazi and email server scandals wouldn’t prove successful.

But apparently, more than conservatives had intense eyes trained on the former prosecutor and conservative warrior Trey Gowdy, watching and waiting on his every move.

As more WikiLeaks documents show, Clinton’s own presidential campaign was in a titter over Gowdy’s calls for accountability.

Here’s an example of what they were scared of, as messaged by one Clinton communications team member, Mandy Grunwald: “Do we have an answer for why there are no emails from the Oct. 9 trip to Libya?”

There are more examples, courtesy WikiLeaks, that show just how panicked Team Clinton was over Gowdy’s insistent questioning. And at one point in the email chain, a Clinton team member cuts and pastes a transcript of an interview Gowdy had with CBS News, in which the congressman blasts through the gory details of what he characterizes as Clinton’s cover-up of truths. The point of including the transcript?

Team Clinton was trying to get on the same page about what story to sell the American public.

But the basic gist is this, from Political Insider: “Team Hillary clearly knows that Gowdy is on to them, and they need to find creative ways to lie. It’s funny that her own team couldn’t even respond to Gowdy’s question directly, which also shows how poorly organized they were. … They just are too accustomed to the liberal media covering for her.”

Source: Political Insider

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