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Women’s Group STUNS Hillary…Issues EXTRAORDINARY Statement On Trump!
By Cheryl Chumley|October 3, 2016

Well, this doesn’t really go along with the mainstream media mantra.

Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe who’s been used as a political tool by many in the media to showcase Donald Trump as a misogynist, may have taken front and center on the presidential trail for the time being.

But not all the women are buying what her story is selling.

As Conservative Tribune reported, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, Penny Young Nance, has a completely different message, and she brought it to the pages of the Fox News website.

“At Monday’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton asserted that Alicia Machado … was victimized about her weight by Donald Trump,” Nance wrote. “Her remarks have, perhaps rightfully, given some women pause. So let’s reflect a moment and add some context to this allegation.”

Nance then spoke of the beauty pageant aspect of the Miss Universe pageants, and said that portion of the show was – simply put – a show of physical fitness before a panel of judges.

“The participants are competing for a job based on their bodies and good looks,” she wrote. “Their worth is based almost solely upon those things and, for one year, they are to represent the company with the asset of conventional beauty. Not brains, not talent, just beauty. Quite literally, their bodies are their money makers.”

For that reason, Machado has no cause to complain about Trump, Nance said.

As Conservative Tribune summed: “[Young Nance] brought up a good point. If your job (that you have willingly accepted) is to be fit and be judged on your body, then don’t turn around and call it fat-shaming when you’re judged on your body.”

Source: Conservative Tribune, Fox News

Cheryl Chumley
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