Would You Be Sad If Nancy Pelosi Steps Down? Donald Trump Says He Would Be

I understand if you disagree with his policies. I understand if you do not like his vision. I understand if you doubt his character.

What I do not understand, however, is if you say that Donald Trump is not one of the funniest people ever elected as President of the United States.

President Trump has an extremely witty mind. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it in order to make people laugh.

That skill is part of the charm that makes him so similar to average Americans, even though he is a New York billionaire. As many have noted, Trump is no bourgeois. Deep down, he is just a guy from Queens, and that is why Americans love him.

The president’s sense of humor was on full display after the Democratic Party’s devastating special election losses. In response to Democratic calls from Nancy Pelosi to step down as party leader, Trump had this to say:

From CNBC:

President Donald Trump said he hopes House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi does not step down from her post.

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” that aired on Friday, Trump said he would like Pelosi to stay right where she is because she has an “extraordinary record against her.”

“It would be a very, very sad day for Republicans if she steps down. I would be very disappointed if she did,” Trump said.

The comment came after some Democrats on Thursday called for Pelosi to step down in the wake of special election losses this year, including a high-profile race in Georgia on Tuesday.

For one of the two major parties in this country, this comment is absolutely hilarious.

The Republicans have indeed seen a recent string of victories almost entirely due to Pelosi’s failed leadership. Pelosi has neither the skill nor the vision to lead her party, and the Republicans have reaped the benefits of her failures.

For Democrats, however, the whole situation is disastrous. Pelosi has shown no desire to step aside, and Democrats are afraid that she will continue to run their ship into the rocks.

Even if Pelosi did quit, the Democrats do not know who would take her place. No Democrat has demonstrated the prowess needed to reverse course for the failing party, and it might take a while until anyone does.

Humor aside, Republicans need to remain sharp. Though Pelosi may have put the Democratic Party in a tough position, there is always a chance that they come back and reverse all the progress that President Trump has made.

We must remain strong and focused in enacting the America First agenda. If we are successful, America will be great again for years to come.

Source: CNBC

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