WOW: Americans Noticed Something BIZARRE About Hillary’s Clothing…Did You Miss It?

Donald Trump’s normal campaign attire, including at his three debates against Hillary Clinton, includes bold-colored ties against a dark suited background, with a American flag pin tastefully placed on his lapel.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, normally opts for the pant suits in various shades and colors, from bright orange – a questionable choice that caught her in a field of fire about the likeness with a prison jumpsuit – to bright red and, at the third and final debate, winter white.

But there was one thing noticeably absent from Clinton’s clothing. What’s that?

As Political Insider noted: “Viewers have noticed that Hillary is not wearing an American flag pin. This is disgraceful.”

And viewers of the three presidential debates haven’t been exactly shy about expressing their dissastisfaction with the candidate’s failure to wear the pin.

One wrote on Twitter: “She’s running for the president of the United States of America but never wears a[n[ American flag pin. Trump is wearing his!.”

Another, noting the position of the candidates on stage, with Trump on the left and Clinton to the right: “US flag pin on left. No US flag pin on right. Draw your own conclusions.”

And yet a third, blunt and angry: “Again. Liar Hillary without the American flag pin.”

Even Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes weighed in, wondering why Clinton wasn’t proudly displaying her love for America.

In a tweet, Starnes said: “Pardon me, Miss Hillary. Where is your American flag pin, ma’am> #debatenight.”

It’s not just Clinton, either, who refuses to wear the pin.

As Political Insider wrote: “Why are Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine refusing to wear American flag lapel pins?”

Source: Political Insider

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