WOW: Donald Just Played Media Like A FIDDLE…Libs Are FURIOUS, Trump Is SMILING!

After the conventions in August, Donald Trump seemed to lose control of the media narrative.  The polls started to move away from him and even good stories on him were being picked apart by the media.

Not anymore.  Donald is back to playing the media like a fiddle—and he’s really starting to get under their skin.

Back during the primaries, they saw Trump as the Republican Party’s worst chance to win, so they gave him as much free media coverage as possible.  Then they dialed it back once he won to kill his campaign.

The Daily Caller reports the story on what Trump just did to get back in the driver’s seat:

Trump tweeted: “I am now going to the brand new Trump International, Hotel D.C. for a major statement.” That was interpreted by the press to mean he was going to address “birther” questions.

The media showed up to the presidential ballroom of the new Trump International Hotel on Friday morning expecting Donald Trump to take questions about whether he still questions President Obama’s birthplace.

Instead, they got more than a half hour of a variety of military heroes — generals, medal of honor recipients and a gold star wife — expressing support for the Republican nominee. And it all aired live on the cable news networks.

Donald Trump is back to doing what he does best.  He is keeping the media on its toes, racing ahead in the polls, and leaving Hillary eating dust, just in time for early voting to begin.  He is peaking at the right time and, by the looks of it, is set to run circles around her in the upcoming debate.  If she can even make it through the ordeal.

Source: Daily Caller

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