WOW: Hillary Drops AWESOME News About Where She Is Going…This Will Make You CHEER!

Throughout the election we saw record-breaking numbers gather at Trump rallies throughout America. While the polls had him at a disadvantage, reality proved how many Americans were supporting the GOP candidate.

People were willing to gather far into the night to listen to the man and show their support. In every state Trump visited, stadiums, meeting halls, venues of all sizes were packed with people ready to give the man a chance.

Now that he’s won the White House, he’s undoubtedly slammed with the important responsibilities of leading the country. But that doesn’t mean he can’t take the time out of his schedule to thank the people that gave him this historic win.

And once again, it’s radically different than what Hillary is doing.

From Clash Daily:

Don’t blame racism or sexism. This – RIGHT HERE – is why people loved Trump more than Hillary…

Trump made time to be with the American PUBLIC… And Hillary made time to be with her DONORS.

‘El Rushbo’ called her out on his show:

Trump is going out thanking the people who voted for him, thanking the people who stuck by him when it would have been easy to abandon him. It would have been easy to throw him overboard…

And what’s Hillary doing? Hillary is going to the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan to a very exclusive and relatively small ballroom (only 450 people) to thank who?

Her fat-cat donors. She is thanking the money people. She’s not thanking supporters. She’s not thanking people who believed in her for her ideas and substance and her personally. She’s doing a thank-you for the money, largely because she wants them to continue giving it to her.

We remember Election Night, when hundreds gathered at the Javitz Center, waiting for Hillary to appear. When it became increasingly obvious that Trump would win, did she come out and thank all of them? Nope! She sent her lap dog in to send them home without even a thank you.

Now she is going to her rich cronies to thank them. It shows the true colors of the woman, who was only ambitious, only wanted power and money. She didn’t care for the people that went door to door for her, that gave out of their day-to-day paychecks, and showed up at the polls.

Which is why, in the end, she lost the election. And of course the best part to all of this is, at least to us conservatives, we don’t have to see her face as much. So keep doing what you’re doing, Hillary.

Source: Clash Daily

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