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WOW: Joe Biden Meets With Incoming VP Mike Pence…Leaves The Liberal Media STUNNED!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 18, 2016

The media may have expecting Vice President Joe Biden to make one of his famous gaffes on the heels of his widely anticipated meeting with incoming VP Mike Pence.  Surely after the explosion of Biden memes in the past week, he would have a few gems left to spare while beginning his handoff to Trump’s right-hand man.

Surprisingly, he left them disappointed.  But most Americans are thrilled when the media doesn’t get what they want.

The two men, along with their wives, got together earlier this week as part of the normal course of transitioning from administration to administration. And many in the country held their breath, wondering just how Biden, who’s not known for his ability to keep his foot away from his mouth, might react and respond.

But it was pretty graceful, start to finish.

“After meeting with … Pence and his wife Wednesday, vice president Joe Biden announced his confidence in the incoming administration,” Western Journalism reported.

In fact, Biden comments to the media that their lunch and tour of the Naval Observatory grounds went “very, very well,” various media outlets reported.

Biden also said, Western Journalism reported: “I’m confident on Day 1 everything will be in good hands and they’ll be able to handle everything.”

And even when asked directly if he was concerned about Donald Trump’s White House dismantling all of President Obama’s policies, particularly the ones issued by executive order and memo, Biden waxed gracious.

“No,” he said, the news blog reported. “I’m not worried about it. Look, they ran on a platform they’re going to try and move and I think there’s a lot of things that can be done where we can reach some accommodation.”

Biden also said he “told Mike” that he was “available to him 24-7,” Western Journalism reported.

We will have to wait and see how the coming months play out, but it is pretty impressive to see how such a stalwart, determined liberal White House is so readily willing to hand over the keys.  This is a Democratic Republic at its finest.  The world must wonder how we do it.

Source: Western Journalism

Cheryl Chumley
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