WOW: Megyn Kelly Attacks Trump AGAIN…But Ivanka Has The PERFECT Comeback!

It all started at the Republican candidates debate, when Megyn Kelly accused Donald Trump of hating women, based on a joke he made about an overweight female comedian. The resulting feud was occasionally entertaining, but eventually faded from public view.

Now Kelly has chosen to reignite the conflict, this time picking Donald’s daughter Ivanka as a surrogate punching bag. Not surprisingly, Ivanka was having none of it:

“I’ve always wondered how you reacted to that, you know, like the re-tweet of Heidi Cruz next to Melania,” Kelly said to the successful business woman.

In response, Ivanka had to admit the obvious… her dad is an “equal opportunity offender.”

“If somebody says something against him he will speak his mind,” Ivanka said straightforwardly. “And he treats women equal to how he treats men. He’s said plenty of rough things about men over the years, and I discourage him from doing that as I discourage him from doing that with women.”

On the other hand, Ivanka pointed out that her father treats women the same way he treats men, without “kid gloves.”

By their own definition of “feminism,” feminists therefore have no right to object to Trump’s language. Of course, being hypocrites, liberals don’t bother being consistent and principled when they decide to demonize someone.

That Trump employs countless women in high levels in his corporations is somehow less important than some mean tweets he posted. This is the mentality conservatives are up against and unfortunately, it is widespread.

Credit: Allen B. West

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