WOW: New Crime Stats STUN America! PROVES Our Country Needs ONE Thing…

It’s called the “Ferguson Effect”: Justifiably concerned about being prosecuted and reprimanded simply for doing their jobs, and demoralized by anti-cop rhetoric, police officers across the country have been quietly backing away from enforcing the law, and now we see the results.

Three years after the (falsely reported) shooting of Michael Brown and the race riots that ensued, crime statistics are coming in and they reinforce Donald Trump’s assertion that America needs “law and order.”

Conservative Tribune reports:

According to data reported by the FBI, the Ferguson effect greatly affected Ferguson, which has seen a pronounced increase in its crime rate since 2014.

In 2014, the city’s violent crime rate was 545 crimes per 100,000 residents, which was already above the national average of 362. (…)

In 2015, the number of violent crimes jumped 65 percent, from 115 to 190. The number of murders committed in Ferguson rose 150 percent. The same year, Ferguson also saw a 60 percent rise in robberies, from 51 to 82, while aggravated assaults increased 46 percent, from 60 to 95.

Other American cities with large black populations (and, quite often, Democratic politicians in charge) have experienced massive increases in the homicide rates, some of the highest jumps in half a century.

The roots of these problems go back before Ferguson and won’t be solved overnight. However, there is little doubt that if Hillary Clinton is elected, circumstances will get worse rather than better.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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