WOW: Rape Protester CRASHES Hillary’s Rally…The Crowd’s Response Is STUNNING [WATCH]

All during this election, the Democrats have been accusing Trump supporters of being violent at rallies and campaign events.

This has been a deliberate strategy to distract from their own propensity for assaulting Republicans. Evidence of these attacks has been captured by cell phones and spread around social media, but rarely make it into the mainstream news cycle.

The latest example took place in Nevada, as Charlie Spiering reports for Breitbart:

During a rally in Las Vegas with the Carpenters Union, a man started shouting that Bill Clinton was a rapist, holding up a sign of the former president with the word “rape” on it.

Immediately a group of male Clinton supporters chanting “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” tackled him to the ground, destroyed his sign and ripped his shirt, before he was escorted out of the rally.

This time, Democrats can’t deny what happened because a photojournalist for local TV news station KTNV caught it on tape.

Did you hear what she was saying at the end of their attack? “Respecting each other, having each other’s back.”  Just as her own people were disrespecting and beating up a guy.

The trouble is, this tape won’t get a fraction of the attention a similar tape of Trump supporters turning on a pro-Hillary protester, should such a thing ever happen.

Credit: Breitbart

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