WOW: Republicans Weigh In On Trump…No One Saw THIS Coming!

Nothing succeeds like success! It’s no secret that everyone loves a winner. It’s just human nature. But what a difference a landslide election can make.

With Trump headed for the White House, and the stock market rallying in his wake, it looks as if all that #NeverTrump nonsense is dying out for good.

Janie Velencia of Huffington Post writes:

Seventy-nine percent of Republicans think Donald Trump has changed the Republican Party. Of those that say he’s changed the GOP, 83 percent perceive the change as positive, according to a new Pew Research report.

In September, 87 percent of Republicans felt that the GOP represented their interests. That sentiment has jumped by 6 percentage points since then to 93 percent in the latest poll. Among those in the survey that say they lean Republican, that feeling has jumped by 16 points, from 57 percent in September to 73 percent in December.

Optimism about the future of the GOP has also become more widespread among Republicans. About 6 in 10 Republicans reported feeling optimistic about the future of the GOP in a November pre-election poll by Pew. The optimism has spread to 8 in 10 Republicans in the latest post-election poll.

Amazing. But then again, after eight years of Obama, one gets the impression that this sense of optimism is combined with a sense of relief as well. Many found 2016 a trying year, so it feels good to have something to look forward to as 2017 approaches.

It will be interesting to watch the evolution of the “Grand Old Party” in the years ahead.

Source: Huffington Post

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