WOW: Trump/Pence Just DEFENDED These Brave Americans…Now It’s BLOWING UP The Internet!


Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not afraid to take on the issues.  That’s why, despite so much “controversy” around the ticket, mainly ginned up by the media, Americans appreciate their straight talk and willingness to stand up for American values.

During the VEEP debate, Trump’s Republican vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence, set off a twitter firestorm after he made some controversial comments.

From the Independent Journal Review:

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence set off an intense online debate when he proudly declared “police officers are the best of us” on the debate stage in Farmville, Virginia, on Tuesday night.

“The men and women, white, African-American, Asian, Latino, Hispanic, they put their lives on the line every single day,” Pence said.

Pence slammed those who “seize upon tragedy” after police shootings and blindly accuse officers of “implicit bias or institutional racism.”  “This has got to stop,” he added.

Pence had his supporters tweeting:

“Police officers are the best of us.” I love

“Police officers are the best of us…” — memorable line from Mike Pence.

My uncle was a cop, police officers are the best of us, they put their lives on the line everyday, Pence.

“Pence just went up several notches in my respect for him. Thank you for respecting our Police Officers.

And his detractors too:

“police officers are the best of us”
dunno about you but I don’t shoot black people because I got ~~spooked~~

“Police officers are the best of us.”–says man who will never be shot by a police officer

The extent to which Mike Pence refuses to acknowledge even a scintilla of wrongdoing by police officers is rather extraordinary

 @mike_pence @realDonaldTrump Does “the best” include police officers who shoot unarmed black people, Mike?

No matter which side of the fence your on, this issue will prove to be difficult to solve as long as we have race baiters in the government and agitators on the streets. People just need to step back and take a moment to let their emotions relax and their logical brains engage. One thing we can be sure of and that is if we have a knee jerk reaction to blame the cop every time a person gets shot then it may put all our lives in danger  when criminals are no longer afraid of cops because the cops are afraid to shoot the criminals for fear of being unfairly targeted.

Who could blame them?

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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