Something’s Seriously Wrong With Obama’s New House…This Is Shameful!

Barack Obama will be out of office in less than a month, and for millions of Americans, it’s not a moment too soon.

Obama’s legacy will be one of promoting “diversity” — which has turned into another word for division: As president, he should have been more condemnatory of Black Lives Matter, for example. Weird actions — like the “Beer Summit,” and charging NASA with reaching out to Muslims — indicated that Obama was very interested in pushing the progressive agenda.

He’s even quietly prodded the federal government to manipulate the racial makeup of certain American communities, in the name of “integration.”

That’s what makes this next story ironic:


Throughout President Barack Obama’s time in office, he’s taken pains to emphasize the importance of diversity, but their fifth home [in Rancho Mirage, California] is in an area just 1.5 percent black and 88 percent white. (…)

Clearly, the Obamas don’t actually give a hoot about diversity and helping out people of color. Instead, all they care about is playing golf and socializing with the rich and famous.

Actions speak louder than words.

Meanwhile, some predict that it is Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, who will do more to help African-Americans in positive, practical ways. That would be the ultimate irony of all.

Source: Joe for America

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