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Your Voting Was Swayed…And NOTHING You Do Is Without The Influence Of…
By PJ Editor|November 8, 2016

You think you’re an independent thinker, right? Drawing conclusions on your own? Deciding to take away what you deem relevant from your social media feeds?

Think again. Anywhere you turn, even your social media, some “guru” has found another way to plant the seeds of their thoughts in your head.

According to a report from San Francisco’s CBS station, 15% of your Twitter feed is full of aut0-generated hype, designed to get in your psyche and sway your voting.

The CBS report:

Computer science researchers at the University of Southern California created sophisticated algorithms to figure out, during a one-month period including presidential debates, how many tweets about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were generated not by humans, but by software.

“Looking at the content itself, but also the timing of the activity, the network structures, how information spreads from one account to another and so forth. Eventually we realized that about 15 percent of the accounts on the Twitter feed discussing elections in the U.S. are bots,” research assistant professor Emilio Ferrara told KCBS….

More importantly, Ferrara says, these bots generated about 20-percent of the entire conversation.

Source: CBS

PJ Editor
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