YOU’RE FIRED! “Shocking” Victory Just Put These People OUT OF WORK!

Hillary Clinton, essentially, went into hiding in the immediate hours following her loss to Donald Trump. But, another segment of the American political society managed to keep an even lower profile post election.

Who you ask?

How about the parties who pretty much called Clinton the winner for months – the pollsters.

“Pollsters and election modelers suffered an industry-shattering embarrassment at the hands of Donald Trump,” The Hill wrote. “Donald Trump had long said the polls were biased against him. His claims – dismissed and mocked by the experts – turned out to be true.”

Like, 100% true. Probably the biggest take-away from this election debacle, which began with a vicious primary fight among Republicans and ended with what some in the pundit world describing as a stunner of an outcome, is this: The Polls Cannot Be Trusted.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper noted the discrepancies between polling numbers and reality.

“[This is] going to put the polling industry out of business,” Tapper said. “It’s going to put the voter projection industry out of business.”

Remember: Some pollsters saw a Clinton win with 300 electoral votes. The supposedly well-respected University of Virginia Center for Politics model’s final forecast, for instance, was Clinton at 322 and Trump, 216.

Only two polls, the Los Angeles Times-USC and the IBD/TPP, gave Trump a fighting chance going into Election Day, figuring him a couple percentage points ahead. For that, the L.A. Times was in particular mocked.

A day later, proven accurate, the L.A. Times is suddenly the go-to for polling accuracy, having correctly predicted the outcomes of two presidential contests in a row.

But for the rest? Prophets, they’re not. Most said women, Christians, minorities and millennials would be the deciding factors in pushing Clinton to the lead.

Source: The Hill

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