YUGE Liberal Has “Ah-Ha” Moment … “Maybe I Am…”

It’s no surprise how the regressive left is reacting to the election. Throughout the past many years, we suffered through their liberal, feminist, social justice, extremist, emotional, factless and irrational nonsense.

We’ve endured the media putting their wild, radical ideas ahead of logic and common sense. The failure of their mission was inevitable, as America is driven not by extremists, but by hard-working, honest citizens.

So don’t let the supposed “backlash” of the election upset you; it is the equivalent of a spoiled child throwing a tantrum. It will pass, and the American people will get to work fixing our country, behind Donald Trump.

For now, though, we can laugh at how the current left is only proving our point that they are the most unAmerican, undemocratic, graceless babies our society has ever experienced.

From IJR:

Though voters on both sides of the aisle still seemed in shock Wednesday morning, few were as colorful in their commentary as the ladies on “The View.”

Whoopi Goldberg called it “shocking,” while Joy Behar said she was “slowly getting drunk” throughout their election night coverage…

Behar went on to explain what really scares her — a Republican-controlled White House, Congress, Senate and, potentially, Supreme Court…

Co-host Sarah Haines said she had an “ah-ha” moment as the results poured in, admitting that maybe her critics are right and she is out of touch with what “the world’s all about”.

Ya think? Anyone who rejected the biased, now-proven-to-be-distorted coverage by the mainstream media saw this coming. Even Michael Moore — who hates Trump — knew this was coming.

While the left sits utterly flabbergasted at how Americans flocked to vote for Trump over crooked Hillary, I wonder: Have they not been paying attention? Are they really stuck in their ivory towers, cut off from everyday people?

Apparently, yes.

Source: IJR

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