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This 1 Thing Is Missing From The Democrat Convention…And Americans Are FURIOUS! – WHOA
By PJ Editor|July 26, 2016

No one will ever accuse the Democrat Party of being patriotic.

That comes as no surprise since their entire world view is predicated on hating American values, denigrating our history and trying to change our culture. But at least they usually try to give lip service to the pro-American views of the voters.

Apparently with the leftward lurch of the Obama years, they don’t feel any inclination to even pretend anymore, as Gateway pundit notes…

Democrats waved the Palestinian flag from inside the Wells Fargo Convention Center.

DNC Palestinian Flag

Hmmmm…I wonder if we can find Democrats carrying the flags of any of America’s other enemies? soviet-flag-philly-768x576

There we go! But I am sure that a few crazies were overwhelmed by the sea of American flags at the convention right?


Yeah, that’s kinda what I figured!

Source: Gateway Pundit

PJ Editor
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