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10 Reasons Mike Pence Is A Great Choice For VP…
By PJ Editor|July 14, 2016

1. He’s a spending hawk. Pence made his reputation in Washington fighting to reduce government and spending.

2. As a former member of the House of Representatives, he knows how Washington works. Trump doesn’t have legislative experience. Pence brings that experience with him.

3. He’s a respected social conservative. He will shore up Trump’s bonafides on social issues and help reassure skeptical evangelicals.

4. He will help unify the party. Pence is respected by both the establishment and conservatives.

5. As a former conservative talk show host, Pence is a good communicator. Trump hasn’t always been effective and discipline when communicating policy. Pence is excellent on this front.

6. He’s not flashy. Pence won’t overshadow Donald Trump, allowing The Donald to keep the focus on him.

7. He’s a nice guy that people tend to like. Trump can be a lightning rod for controversy. Pence can develop and nurture relationships with individuals and groups that Trump doesn’t have a natural connection to.

8. He’s a reformer. He has an enviable record in Indiana creating jobs and reducing government.

9. Indiana is a swing state. Obama beat McCain in Indiana in 2008. Pence all but assures that Indiana will go red.

10. Immigration. Pence voted to build a fence on the Mexico border and fought to prevent the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

PJ Editor
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