Hillary Is Going To Lose…Here Are The Top 12 Reasons Why!

We know that the liberal media won’t properly cover Hillary Clinton. An industry that once helped topple corrupt leaders and the rich elite is now protecting one of the most corrupt and dishonest leaders in American history.

While Hillary hides from the president and the litany of accusations against her, her influence is waning. Americans of all stripes are rallying behind her rival, Donald Trump, as the only allies in her fight for the White House are elite liberals and a biased media.

The past week was one of the worst for the democrat. As she and her spin team tried to avoid the real problems facing her campaign, they continued to mount up. One might question whether the candidate can overcome these problems at all.

Breitbart listed the most salient issues facing the woman:

  1. ‘Clinton Cash’ reached critical mass

Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash made allegations of corruption and pay-for-play — that Hillary Clinton leveraged her power as Secretary of State to benefit big donors to the Clinton Foundation

The narrative that the Clinton Foundation was taking cash from foreign powers for favors finally reached the mainstream media, with even biased outlets like HuffPo and CNN calling for the tarnished organization to be shut down. Echoing, ironically, Donald Trump.

  1. John Podesta’s firm is now under FBI investigation

The “pros” in establishment media spent the first half of the week posting hit pieces on Paul Manafort for his lobbying efforts in Ukraine. Left out of their headlines and snarky Tweets: the firm involved in that work was The Podesta Group, founded by Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony.

  1. Her health questions also went mainstream

We’ve talked about this one quite a bit, as pharmaceutical experts and notable doctors like Dr. Drew openly questioned her health. They have concluded Clinton is suffering from serious issues–including Parkinson’s disease–and are demanding she release her health records.

  1. She has to answer questions about her emails under oath

As reported by Breitbart’s Ken Klukowski: “District Judge Emmett Sullivan granted one of Judicial Watch’s discovery requests to force Clinton to personally answer questions under oath.”

She may have dodged questions under oath before, but that wasn’t with Judicial Watch in the room. This watchdog firm will not pull any punches with the candidate. It will surely be an ugly fight.

The article goes on to list her slandering of Colin Powell, her mysterious absence from the campaign (probably due to her ailing health), her lack of solidarity for Louisiana, and the tarnished revelations of her closest allies.

All this, on top of Trump gaining back in the polls.

More and more dirty laundry keeps coming up, proving that Hillary Clinton is distrustful, manipulative, and a liar. She is not worthy of the highest office in the land, despite what the liberal media might say.

Now more than the American people must silence the biased media and vote. We cannot allow Crooked Hillary to get away with all her crimes.

Source: Breitbart

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