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Here Are The 2 BIGGEST Reasons South Carolina Voters Say They Picked Trump
By PJ Editor|February 20, 2016

There will be a lot of dissecting of the results over the coming days, but a few things are already being revealed.One of those is the exit polling showing two very strong indicators for exactly why Donald Trump was able to pull off a landslide victory in a state that, by demographics and conventional wisdom, should have gone for Ted Cruz.

The AP also revealed exit polling numbers showing the two primary reasons that Trump won:

Underscoring the electorate’s frustration with Washington, he was backed by nearly 4 in 10 of those who were angry at the federal government, and a third of those who felt betrayed by politicians in the Republican Party.

“Trump’s strong showing in South Carolina marked his second straight victory in the Republican primaries and strengthened his unexpected claim on the Republican nomination,” according to the Associate Press.

As we approach Super Tuesday, will Trump’s appeal remain strong? If so then he will clinch the nomination quickly.

Credit: AP

PJ Editor
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