BREAKING: These 5 Tactics GOP Will Use To CRUSH Trump…’He Must Be Destroyed’

We already knew there was no love lost between the Republican Party and Donald Trump, but now we are learning how the party intends to keep him from winning the nomination.

Rumors are trickling out from anonymous sources close to the planning of the GOP convention in Cleveland. They paint a picture of party insiders desperate and willing to use any means necessary to beat back the New York developer.

According to Politico…

Every aspect of the Republican National Convention is a potential tripwire that motivated anti-Trump forces could deploy to waylay the mogul — from major processes to invalidate whole slates of delegates to minor inconveniences, like seating arrangements for delegates inside the arena, which could complicate negotiations if the convention becomes a free-for-all.

If Trump continues to lose local delegate fights at a rapid clip, he’ll be walking into a convention arena stacked with hostile delegates working to deny him the nomination. And those delegates can work arcane procedures and rules in ways large and small to impede his path.

Sources have names five ways they can trip up Trump and keep him from the nomination…

1. Disqualifying delegates

2. Naming a chairman

3. Working the Rules

4. Delay, delay, delay

5. Exploiting logistics

You can read more about how each works HERE

Source: Politico

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