6.5 Million Americans Just Gave Obama The Ultimate Insult

While it’s quite clear that Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster, all of the political rhetoric on the subject can actually make it tougher to realize how bad it is.

As with most things in life, the answer doesn’t reside in political talking points, but rather in the actual feelings of the American voters.

Let’s just say that a whole lot of them are wishing there was a door number three right about now.  

The Daily Wire passes along some startling evidence to drive that point home.

Obamacare has completely distorted the health care sector to the point where an astounding number of Americans simply paid the fine from the individual mandate rather than paying for insurance.

The total number of people who paid the fine instead of enrolling in Obamacare in 2016: 6.5 million.

And if the individual mandate were repealed, an additional 15 million people would drop out of Obamacare.

In essence, this is the same scenario as folks that are left with no choice but to pay the ticket for an expired car registration because they can’t afford the pricey repair bill.

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Employers eating more of the cost isn’t the answer either, as that leads to other consequences that have a dramatic impact on pocketbooks and wallets.

Scott Rasmussen explained in Ballotpedia that Obamacare has driven up health care costs because it requires insurers to cover a range of health care benefits that many people view as unnecessary for their medical situation, so they would prefer a plan that’s skimpier and cheaper instead.

He also pointed out that Obamacare has also depressed wage growth, since most health insurance is provided through employers.

Despite the compelling evidence that Obamacare was a pie in the sky initiative that doesn’t work in the real world, it’s what we’re stuck with.

The Republican-led Congress has been unable to push the ball across the goalline.

There’s been a ton of excuses on why that’s the case, but they’re the equivalent of white noise to Americans that continue to suffer from the ramifications of the plan.

Source: The Daily Wire

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