WHOA: 9/11 Hero Deserves Our Respect…But What He Just Did Leaves Donald SPEECHLESS!

It’s not easy to criticize a true hero. When we think of the firefighters who risked — and in hundreds of instances, lost — their lives in New York City on 9/11, who isn’t overwhelmed by gratitude and admiration?

However, heroes are also human. Like all of us, they make mistakes and get confused. One example comes from Dallas, Texas, where one man is taking a stand against Donald Trump.

Paramedic Christopher Suprun is a Republican presidential elector who tells the New York Times that he will not cast his Electoral College vote for Donald Trump on December 19, despite the fact that the people of Texas voted for the Republican candidate.

While we all have a right to follow our conscience, some of Suprun’s reasons for opposing the will of his fellow Texans seem trivial, and in some cases, are highly dubious:

Mr. Trump goes out of his way to attack the cast of “Saturday Night Live” for bias. (…)

Mr. Trump urged violence against protesters at his rallies during the campaign. He speaks of retribution against his critics. He has surrounded himself with advisers such as Stephen K. Bannon, who claims to be a Leninist and lauds villains and their thirst for power, including Darth Vader. “Rogue One,” the latest “Star Wars” installment, arrives later this month. I am not taking my children to see it to celebrate evil, but to show them that light can overcome it. (…)

During the campaign Mr. Trump even said Russia should hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. (…)

Finally, Mr. Trump does not understand that the Constitution expressly forbids a president to receive payments or gifts from foreign governments.

That last point is pretty amusing, considering the payments from foreign governments Hillary Clinton received through the Clinton Foundation.

Suprun also complains that Trump has no foreign policy experience, but of course, neither did Barack Obama.

He cites “experts” who’ve said that Trump would be a “disastrous” president. Is this like the “experts” who said Ronald Reagan would start a nuclear war and destroy the economy if elected?

While it’s fitting to admire Christopher Suprun’s bravery 15 years ago, this can’t prevent us from criticizing the man when he refuses to do his duty now.

Source: New York Times

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