You’re SEXIST To Vote Trump … Watch Sheriff SHUT DOWN Obama’s RIDICULOUS Claim!

The left won’t use logic or rationale to fight the right. Rather, our political counterpart uses slander, emotion and manipulation to force their agenda.

This negative approach has never been more used than in the 2016 election.

Trump calls for wall to be built on the Mexican border to keep out drug dealers and terrorists; they call him a racist. Trump calls for an immigration ban against countries that support terrorism; they call him Islamophobic.

Notice: they’ve got plenty to say, but none of it is a plan to stop the drugs and terrorism from flowing into our country. That’s because they don’t have one; instead, just empty, vicious words.

It’s called going low. And our own Commander in Chief is guilty for this deplorable behavior. At a recent rally, Obama charged that anyone who won’t vote for Hillary is a sexist. Yep – it’s not because she’s untrustworthy, or that she may have health issues, or that she breached national security with her email issues, or that her foundation is fraudulent through and through. We won’t vote for Hillary simply because we are sexist.

One voter has had enough of the name-calling and is speaking out.

From Right Wing News:

On Tuesday, Sheriff David Clarke stated that it’s not sexism to disagree with Hillary Clinton over her lies and scandals.

 “Barack Obama, for seven-plus years has played the race card … so now [the democrats are] going to switch and play the gender card,” he said on Fox News. “The reason they don’t like Mrs. Bill Clinton is not because she’s a woman; it’s because she’s dishonest and because she is hiding something. She’s hiding the truth.

“She tries to play herself off as a victim, like she’s Little Red Riding Hood; but she’s more like the Big Bad Wolf. As soon as you turn your back on her, she’ll bite you.”

Clinton’s team is getting desperate, no doubt. Besides running out of ammunition to attack Trump, the FBI investigations against her are getting hot. So what does the Clinton camp do? Go low, and assert that if you don’t vote for Hillary – it’s because you hate women, not lying, cheating politicians like her.

Source: Right Wing News

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