BUSTED! Huma Abedin CAUGHT Red-Handed…Are Criminal Charges Coming?

Hillary’s time as Secretary of State for the Obama administration has had no lack of scandal and some of the scandals have been around a long time. The Benghazi embassy disaster and the ever rising Clinton body count being two of the most discussed, of late. The latter seems to be following Hillary into the current presidential elections like a dark stormy cloud on a rainy day. Her current health problems are a new topic of discussion after her coughing fits and sudden seizures leave her looking like the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights and lost in a fog of confusion for a few seconds.

We now have more information coming out concerning Hillary’s classified emails and her private server that requires more scrutiny. It’s one of those “what did you know and when did you know it” type questions. In earlier testimony, during the FBI investigations, Hillary’s personal assistant, Huma Abedin told investigators she had no knowledge of the private servers during their time in Obama’s state department but newly released emails coming from Wikileaks have shown that wasn’t the truth.  Now we learn that Abedin suggested to Hillary that the private email servers be used.

Breitbart revealed:

 [A]ccording to former Bill Clinton adviser Justin Cooper, whose recollections are cited in the bombshell FBI investigation notes dumped Friday, Abedin was actually the one who came up with the idea for Clinton to go to great lengths to set up a non-secure private server.

Evidently, Abedin lied under oath when she failed to mention her clintonemail.com address which opens her up to an obstruction of justice charge.

Abedin said under oath in the Judicial Watch civil case that Hillary Clinton used a private server to prevent personal emails from being accessible to Congress and other officials, acknowledging that she knew about the rogue off-the-books server system.

The evidence is becoming more clear that, through Hillary’s unsecure private servers, Huma Abedin has had access to classified information that could be hacked and stolen by America’s enemies or even “transferred” by her to our “frenemies,” The Muslim Brotherhood  whom we all suspect would use whatever information they can get to aid their efforts in promoting the rise and influence of Islam around the world. This should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, to any rationally thinking person, that Hillary is not only unqualified to be president but is criminally liable for her irresponsible actions.

We can only hope that Congress comes to their senses and stop coddling these corrupt politicians, like Hillary, whose only agenda seems to be self promotion and enrichment!

Source: Breitbart 

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