After Claiming Trump Will Ruin The Country…Americans Just Sent Democrats A Message Of Our Own!

How many times can the “experts” be wrong before we stop listening to them altogether?

They were wrong that Donald Trump couldn’t win the GOP nomination. Then they said he’d never win the White House.

Then they predicted that if he did win the election, the stock market would tank and the economy would collapse.

Of course, those were the same predictions made before the “Brexit” vote, designed to sway voters from choosing to leave the European Union – and after the referendum, the UK economy took off!

So now, with the stock market closing on a record high, and millions of Americans heading into the holiday shopping season, more experts are trying to cast doubt on whether or not Trump’s victory is having any positive effect:

According to the latest report, in some cases, Americans are the most hopeful they have been in more than a decade. For the first time since 2006, 37 percent of households said they expect their personal finances to improve in 2017. Also hitting decade highs: real income expectations, as wage growth continues to gain strength in a broadening swath of the economy.

Perhaps the increased optimism on the part of consumers doesn’t necessarily speak to their confidence that the new regime will introduce sweeping change that buoys both their personal finances and Corporate America’s business outlook, but rather, they’re just happy the election is over.

The surge in consumer expectations “was perhaps exaggerated” by, among other things, “a widespread sense of relief that the election had finally ended,” he writes.

No doubt Americans on both sides of the political aisle are glad this hard fought race has come to an end.

However, it seems peevish to try to underplay Trump’s role in this. Had Hillary Clinton won, it is doubtful that the economy would have responded like this.

Trump’s vow to “make America great again” reminds many of Reagan’s “morning in America” optimism. They no doubt anticipate another prosperous decade just like the one they experienced under Reagan.

Source: Bloomberg

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