After Days Of Charlotte RIOTS, Hillary Responds…In The Most DISGUSTING Way Possible!

Another U.S. city is up in flames — this time, Charlotte, North Carolina. As usual, there are competing accounts of what happened, especially regarding the key issue: Was the black man who was shot by a black officer armed with a gun?

What was Hillary Clinton’s reaction to this urban unrest? Did she commend law enforcement officers for doing a thankless job during dangerous times? Did she ask civilians to protest in peace, and seek lawful solutions to their grievances?

A president has to be able to respond to situations like this one not just quickly, but competently, in a way that won’t escalate tensions. How does would-be president Hillary measure up this time?

The Analytical Economist isn’t impressed:

And who did Hillary Clinton decide to side with in this situation? If not overtly supporting the rioters actions, she most unabashedly sided with their narrative. (Perhaps President Obama might want to chide Hillary not to “get ahead of the investigation,” as he chided the media and the public when we dared suggest the pressure cookers planted in New York and New Jersey were bombs planted by a terrorist — and that a man stabbing shoppers who admitted they were not Muslim was also a terrorist. Nah, when it comes to Black Lives Matter protests, facts and investigations are beside the point, even rather inconvenient.)

Another unarmed Black man was shot in a police incident. This should be intolerable. We have so much work to do. #TerenceCrutcher -H

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 20, 2016

Her statements today only further reinforce that lawless race-baiters will be allowed, even condoned, while law enforcement will be guilty until proven innocent — and, hey, even after being proven innocent in some cases.

Not only did Clinton run with the claim that the victim was unarmed, she was determined to play the race card even though the officer involved was also Africa-American.

Trump’s opponents fret about his habit of tweeting out comments “without thinking,” but in this case, Hillary is the one being irresponsible. But she doesn’t care, because there’s a method to her madness: Trying to win more black voters back into the Democratic fold, now that we know how many of them support Trump.

Source: Allen West

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