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After Illegals Make Death Threats To Texas Lawmaker, He Unleashes A BRUTAL Surprise On Them
By Faith Braverman|June 1, 2017

Texas Governor Greg Abbott hasn’t minced words when it comes to the illegals residing in his state. Recently, Abbott signed a bill on Facebook Live that effectively banned sanctuary cities in Texas, and many Texans expressed relief that our immigration laws would finally be enforced.

Of course, not all Texans agreed with the measure. Liberals are blessedly a minority in the state of Texas, but they are a vocal one.

At a recent meeting of the Texas legislature, protesters arrived to let their opinions on sanctuary cities be known, and among them were illegal immigrants.

Unsurprisingly, illegals in Texas think that there should be no consequences for breaking the law, and that their poor decision to enter America illegally is something to be proud of.

But for one legislator, the protesters took things too far, and he decided it was time to call ICE, ICE baby!

From Western Journalism:

A Texas lawmaker Monday said he was threatened on the floor of the Texas legislature after he publicly stated that he called immigration officials on self-proclaimed illegal immigrants who were protesting legislation aimed at sanctuary cities.

State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, a Republican, said he called Immigration and Customs Enforcement after protesters dressed in red T-shirts disrupted the legislative session to protest the new Texas law that seeks to ban sanctuary cities.

Rinaldi’s action led to violent verbal confrontations as well as pushing and shoving on the floor of the legislature.

Rinaldi stated on social media that his life was threatened because he decided to follow the law.

So these protesters were holding signs proclaiming that they were illegal immigrants, and they expected none of the Texas legislators to say anything?

Rinaldi said he felt compelled to call ICE because Democrats on the House floor were encouraging the protesters to disobey law enforcement.

It’s no surprise that the liberals resorted to violence after Rinaldi decided to call their bluff. Violence is the only thing Democrats have left. They’ve lost the intellectual debate because they refuse to even debate. All they can do is insult anyone who disagrees with them, but it’s this very arrogance that’s causing them to lose elections.

For his part, Rep. Poncho Navarez denied threatening Rinaldi with this tweet.

Yeah, because nothing says “God bless” like calling someone “a liar and hateful.”

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Don’t be mad Navarez. You just need to learn that you don’t mess with Texas!

Source: Western Journalism

Faith Braverman
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