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After Manchester Terror, Ex-Taliban Muslim Has A STUNNING Message For The World – WHOA!
By Faith Braverman|May 24, 2017

In the wake of the devastating Manchester terrorist attacks, liberals are already tripping over themselves to defend Muslims, saying that Islam has nothing at all to do with terrorism.

Hamid Jan Kakar, a 29-year-old Afghan, begs to differ. Before becoming a UK citizen, Kakar lived under the Taliban till the age of five.

“Even though I was only five, living under the Taliban is something I will always remember. They turned sports stadiums into slaughterhouses. Pregnant women were dying during delivery because there were no nurses or doctors to look after them and provide the adequate medical care. The only education you could get was about the history of Islam, and it was a fabricated history,” Kakar said.

Kakar knows firsthand how devastating the ideology of Islam is, and is tired of people who keep whitewashing and defending the religion.

In an interview with IJ Review, Kakar explains why people must stop sweeping Islam’s problems under the rug.

From IJ Review:

“We have suffered so much. Everyone saying Islam is a peaceful religion is wrong.  These terrorists are following a religion — they are following Islam. They are driven by the same ideology as the Crusaders who were given a green light to kill for God and the members of the church that tortured and imprisoned people for minor offenses. But Europe had an Enlightenment area, and Europe has never looked back.

But Islam has never had an Enlightenment area [sic]. It needs one. And Muslims need to acknowledge what the problem is. They don’t read the history of what has happened, so some are not well-read on the issue. And some are well-read and choose not to acknowledge it, they are cowards.”

After learning the truth about Islam, Kakar dedicated his life to exposing it as a harmful ideology.

Kakar is not fooled by claims that Muslims only became violent when the West “invaded their lands.” He argues that Muslims were killing other Muslim long before the Jews reclaimed Israel or the Iraq War happened, and that Islam is an inherently violent religion.

“Muslims will have to acknowledge that it’s them that are the victims of terrorism, and it is their responsibility to recognize the fact that these terrorists are followers of Islam. Saying terrorism has no religion and Islam is a peaceful religion will not help.”

Kakar’s warnings will most likely fall on deaf ears. The left will dismiss his concerns and call him a racist, while Muslims will continue to ignore their religion’s problems.

But Kakar knows that he is speaking the truth, and wants to encourage others to do the same.

“It’s about time that Muslims speak up. We need to acknowledge and completely denounce the jihad.”

Source: IJ Review

Faith Braverman
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