After Trump’s Strong Diplomacy, North Korea Does The Last Thing Liberals Expected

Recent weeks have forced the world to focus on the rogue nation of North Korea.

This tiny nation has been rattling their sabers, threatening to attack the U.S. and other targets.

Despite U.N. sanctions, threats from China, and even words by President Trump, North Korea seemed dead-set in destroying themselves in a quick, but deadly war.

But it looks like things are turning around.

From Daily Caller:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un decided Tuesday not to fire ballistic missiles at Guam, reserving the right to change his mind if “the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions,” according to North Korean state media.

Kim appears to be attempting to de-escalate tensions to prevent conflict between the U.S. and North Korea. After the U.N. Security Council approved tougher sanctions against North Korea for its intercontinental ballistic missile tests, the North warned Wednesday that it was considering launching a salvo of ballistic missiles into waters around Guam in a show of force demonstrating an ability to surround the island with “enveloping fire.” That same day, President Donald Trump stressed that North Korean threats will be met with “fire and fury like nothing the world has ever seen…”

But, Kim blinked…

While lowering his sword, the young North Korean dictator stressed that he may still carry out his plan if the U.S. does not change its approach to his country.

North Korea has everything to lose in a batter with the United States. It’s almost ludicrous to think they would come out on top in such a miss-matched conflict.

Yet if they do have operational missiles, tipped with nukes, even a preemptive strike could be devastating. The great worry the U.S. and the world had was that North Korea would attack any number of targets nearby, causing the deaths of millions.

Our problem was trying to decide if we should strike first, before Japan, South Korea, or other regions were hit.

But it seems like Kim had a sudden dose of intelligence. At least someone in his military was smart enough to explain to the would-be tyrant that a war with the U.S. would be the last thing they’d need.

Make no mistake though, North Korea is still a threat. They still promise to attack the U.S. While that might be empty threats, they continue to abuse, exploit, and deny their people basic rights. Until that changes, they are a major world problem.

Source: Daily Caller

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