What Christina Aguilara Says Hillary Clinton Did To Her Is BIZARRE And DISTURBING…

Some weird news out of La, la land.

We know that most celebrities are inexplicably supportive of the elitist left.

They seem to get their kicks out of supporting the most destructive political party in the country.

While some take a more measured approach on the issues and others out right attack America, we have a few that seem to miss the issues entirely.

Recently pop star turned TV show host, Christina Aguilera went on, of all shows, Ellen to discuss a recent run in with Hillary Clinton.

What they talked about was truly bizarre.

From The American Mirror:

In a tease of Monday’s episode, The Ellen DeGeneres Show released a clip of guest Christina Aguilera discussing Hillary Clinton “staring” at her chest.

“There’s a picture of you — was it you staring at Hillary or you staring at Hillary?” DeGeneres said as Aguilera began to laugh.

“She was staring at my bosoms,” Aguilera replied.

The audience roared when they were shown the picture.


Eh, what? Why was the former Secretary of State, the wife of a president, staring at another woman’s breasts?

Ellen and Christina laughed it off by tying it to Clinton’s false claims of “supporting women.” But honestly, what is going on?

This is just plain weird. Is Clinton a closet lesbian? What other explanation can you make? Any red-blooded man would feast his eyes on Christina’s ample bosom, sure. But a married, heterosexual women?

Maybe Bill’s amorous ways have rubbed on Hillary?

Either way, I’m sick to my stomach.

Source: The American Mirror

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