Trump’s New Air Force One Has A Checkered Past—Conspiracy Theorists Are Losing Their Minds

President Donald Trump made plenty of promises on the campaign trail. That’s par for the course for political candidates, but there’s something quite different about Trump’s promises.

The commander-in-chief actually takes his promises to heart, and he does his best to deliver on each and every one of them.

Conservative Tribune passes along the details on one of Trump’s latest moves to save taxpayers money.

It appears that just such a thing is on the verge of happening, as Defense News reported that the Air Force is about to finalize a deal with Boeing that would procure two brand-new, already-built 747-8 passenger jets that were never delivered to their original purchaser.

As opposed to having a pair of jets built from scratch at astronomical costs, a little research and ingenuity has uncovered two gems that can be had for a fraction of that.  

That’s a good thing, right?

It is, but here’s why the media will get all hot and bothered about it.  

That initial purchaser was Russian airline Transaero, who declared bankruptcy and reneged on their purchase in 2015, just months after ordering the planes. Obviously, the planes were never delivered to them and instead were sent to the “boneyard” upon completion and after test flights, a massive aircraft storage and scrapyard in the Mojave desert for older retired jets and new aircraft with no owners.

A-ha! This is surely one of the many smoking guns that point to collusion between Trump and Russia. Or not.

While common sense tells us otherwise, this will somehow be spun as being a bad thing by left wing outlets.

How those outlets continue to pull those tricks with a straight face is beyond comprehension.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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