Alabama Just Did 1 BRILLIANT Thing To The Welfare System That Has The Moochers Crying

The Welfare program in America is faced with continual criticism.

Although it was implemented to help those in need, it is often abused by people who simply do not want to work.

Federal and local government has tried to add stipulations to the program, to encourage recipients to find jobs, but that often fails. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, right?

It looks like this has been proven with recent changes to welfare in Alabama.

From Conservative Tribune…

According to, a change in the food stamp program to require people in Alabama who were able-bodied to work just 20 hours in a week to receive benefits has culled the rolls of those ages 18 to 49 from 49,940 to 15,375. The drop took place between Jan. 1, when the law took effect, and April 1.

Now the economy’s still in a bad state and it’s hard to find a good job for everyone.

But 20 hours a week is not a lot.  That’s less than most part-time jobs. I’m sure plenty of those people had trouble getting work, but 35,000? You mean to tell us 35,000 people couldn’t find even a part time job to maintain their benefits?

Let’s keep in mind that the state of Alabama didn’t just drop this on them without warning. Letters were sent out to those who could lose benefits in the months leading up to the change, warning them about what might happen.

And those truly unable to find work could enroll in a job training program to maintain their benefits as well.

The government wasn’t trying to leave these people destitute. In fact they’ve extend opportunities for these welfare recipients to find work while still receiving aid. The fact that they just dropped out shows they refuse to work at all.

This is sad indictment on the welfare program. It has trained generations of Americans to sit on their butts as they suck from the government’s teat. It has taught them that working hard and doing your best isn’t worth it. No matter what, the government will bail you out.

And even when the government tries to make a positive change, these people are unable to respond.

This drastic drop might compel the government to go back on its change, for fear they just let 35,000 people starve. Let’s hope they don’t and find another way to get these people back on their feet.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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