WHOA! Former Secretary Of State Makes Shock Hillary Claim…Leaves EVERYONE Baffled!

It’s been so long since Madeleine Albright has been in the news, one could be forgiven for wondering, “Is she still alive?”

However, the former Secretary of State came to the defense of her successor, Hillary Clinton, over the weekend, making some strange assertions about Clinton’s email server scandal.

While many believe that Clinton’s use of a private server in her home to deal with classified messages was a dangerous, not to mention illegal, breach of national security, Albright waved aside any concerns.

Politico reports:

“She has said she made a mistake, and nobody is going to die as a result of anything that happened on emails,” Albright told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day,” after the host broached the multifaceted criticism and concerns about Clinton’s foreign policy from opponents and supporters alike.

Cuomo referenced Clinton’s use of private emails, along with the infamous failed reset with Russia and her role in orchestrating the nuclear deal with a hostile Iranian regime, a day after Albright’s Democratic successor at Foggy Bottom delivered a blistering speech ripping Trump’s foreign policy credentials.

“I am concerned about some of the statements that Donald Trump has made that are dangerous,” Albright said. “On the issue of Russia, the fact that Donald Trump admires Putin is one of the reasons that I can’t agree with a word he says because the reset takes two to reset.”

Albright’s comment that “nobody is going to die” sounds like something a teenager might say, not a responsible adult.

The remark is eerily reminiscent of those who defended Hillary’s husband Bill’s impeachable crimes and misdemeanors as “just sex.” The Clinton camp certainly sounds casual when it comes to matters of national security and lawbreaking.

Note too how quickly Albright changed the subject from Hillary’s actual record as Secretary of State with Donald Trump’s possible future behavior as president.

Does anyone really care about what Madeline Albright and other ancient history has-beens think of Clinton, Trump or anything else?

Credit: Politico.com

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