AMAZING! Hollywood Star Makes BOMBSHELL Statement, And Trump Couldn’t Be HAPPIER!

Now that Donald Trump is the new president-elect, all of the naysayers, anti-Trump supporters, and Hollywood celebs who promised to catch the first train out of town if Trump won are having to do some back peddling on that promise while they’re dining on some crow.

The list of Hollywood heavyweights who made that vow was fairly extensive but we knew they wouldn’t keep it because…well…they’re not celebrities anywhere else but here in America, and they probably wouldn’t want to change their occupations to anything the third world has to offer.

One of the Hollywood big names that had to recant his plan is Bryan Cranston, the star of the popular TV series, “Breaking Bad.” He finally came around and had some positive things to say about a Trump presidency.

From Breitbart:

Actor Bryan Cranston sounded a hopeful note while discussing President-elect Donald Trump on The Today Show Tuesday, telling host Matt Lauer that while he didn’t vote for the Republican, he hopes he’ll do a good job as president.

“He was not my candidate, but he is going to be my president, and I truly hope he does an exceptionally good job,” the 60-year-old Breaking Bad star said. “I really do, because if that is true, he has done well for the country, and that’s much more important than who I personally wanted to be president.”

This is the attitude that all of the whining, crying, emotionally-charged snowflakes need to have. They may not have voted for Trump but he is going to be the next president and they should, at least, give him a chance to make a positive difference.

Source: Breitbart

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