This AMAZING House Proves It…Critical BLUE State Is Turning RED For Trump – BOOM!

Donald Trump has motivated the GOP voter base like few ever have.

As the liberal media paint him as an unpopular public figure, he continues to garner support from Americans all over the country. During the primaries, he brought in historic amount of votes to secure the nomination. The general election stands to be one of the biggest ever.

Trump supporters appear in droves at his rallies, facing down aggressive protestors.

They wear proud t-shirts and hats voicing their support, some calling for his rival Hillary Clinton’s arrest. Popular conservative journalists like Milo Yiannopoulos have made Trump fandom cool, with a variety of slogans and social media movements.

But perhaps Mrs. Rossi and her family trumps them all, with her American flag house.

From CBS Pittsburgh:

Rolling down Route 982 in Youngstown, Westmoreland County, you may pass a house with an American flag, and then you’ll pass the house next door, which is an American flag.

Though there are some who don’t pass it by.

Leslie Rossi hands out Donald Trump hats and other freebies to visitors who keep showing up. With a huge banner and multiple signs supporting her candidate, there is no doubt who she and her family are voting for.

The mother of eight and her friends aren’t bashful about making their feelings known. But neither are the drivers.

“Here we’ll get a lot of honks and waves,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll get a thumbs down. But we’ll just wave anyway. Sometimes they’ll yell for the candidate they’re for, if it’s different.”

Rossi and her husband have a business of buying old buildings and restoring them, so it’s nothing for them to paint an entire house.

Pennsylvania is a deeply contested battleground state this year, with Clinton and Trump fighting hard for it. But with supporters like Rossi, Trump just might have it in the bag.

Now for all of you who want to do something for the Republican candidate, take the Rossi family’s example. We’re not saying you have to paint your house red, white, and blue…

But that would get a lot of attention.


Source: CBS Pittsburgh

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